March 14, 2017

"I found Hansen plumbing to be very professional, on time, and the bill came out to what he quoted me. Very happy."
December 28, 2016

"John is a passionate, and hands on business owner. I recommend you call him if you're ever in need of plumbing services in the Fayetteville area!"
September 14, 2016

"Unfortunately it wasn't until we got the recent bill that we realized we had a leak. We called Hansen Plumbing and within a couple of hours he was on site confirming that we indeed had a yard line failure. Happy with the estimate we agreed he should start ASAP which was the next morning as it was late in the day. Promptly the next morning he came rolling in with his backhoe & crew, and began digging. After opening the ground it was apparent the leak was caused by many rocks being piled in the ditch after initial installation of the PVC yard line. John informed me that if precautions are not taken during installation to protect the water line from the rocks they will eventually puncture the line giving us exactly what we're dealing with today. So in other words there were likely many leaks in this line at the moment! John could have just as easily repaired the first leaks we found setting us up for future service calls, but he did not. His reasoning was very solid, and he obviously cared."
September 14, 2016

"John replaced all of my old fixtures with new ones in my tub, so everything worked properly. Even though he had to go to a couple of different part stores, his professional demeanor never changed. He is just an all around great guy that knows what he's doing. I highly recommend him to everyone."