The Solution to Low Water Pressure in Your Home

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Water pressure is important. It’s the difference between a cleansing shower and a lackluster one, or the power behind your toilet flush. Needless to say, having good water pressure in your home is one of life’s small conveniences.

If your home has poor water pressure, however, you’re not without hope! You could actually have something to gain from water main repair in Fayetteville, AR. That’s right: your water pressure can be traced back to the status of your water main. A main in good, fully-functional condition means good water pressure in your home.

Low water pressure doesn’t necessarily mean that your water main is broken—it just needs some adjustment to enable proper water pressurization. Generally, water pressure of 45-55 psi is ideal for a single-family home. Unfortunately, many plumbing systems fall toward the low end of the spectrum or below it as the result of a problem between the water main and your home’s plumbing system. So, while cleaning your pipes may give you back a few psi, the real problem often goes unaddressed because people don’t think to look outside of the home.

At Hansen Plumbing Pro, we know the ins and outs of water main repair in Fayetteville, AR—specifically what needs to be done to help restore proper water pressure in your home. If you’re sick of gentle showers or low flow in your home, give us a call to restore your psi to that sweet spot between 45-55 psi.

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