The Many Dangers of a Damaged Sewer Line

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Once you flush the toilet or pull the stopper on your shower drain, whatever goes down is gone forever… unless it comes back up. And, suffice to say, if you’ve got things coming back up through your drains, you’ve got a major problem on your hands! It’s paramount to call Hansen Plumbing Pro right away for a yard line replacement in Fayetteville, AR.

A clogged drain is one thing, but an active backup into your home is another. This means that any backflow prevention you have to keep sewage and effluent out of your home has failed. And, as contaminated water, raw sewage and methane push back into your home, they bring with them a staggering number of serious problems:

  • First and foremost, waste backup is a biohazard. Bacteria, germs, disease and more are all major concerns.
  • Raw sewage and sewer gasses are volatile. This can mean accidental combustion, oxidation and more as they interact with your home.
  • Your home is at risk for contamination as sewer backup gets under tile, in grouting, into wood and behind walls.

All of these issues represent serious safety concerns for your living space and can have major costs associated with them—including the cost of sewage remediation.

Don’t wait to experience these problems firsthand. At the first sign of a sewage backup, call us for backflow services and yard line replacement in Fayetteville, AR. We’ll nip the issue in the bud before it becomes catastrophic.

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